Soft Cat

Soft Cat, a Baltimore based band, is generously donating 100% of the online sales of their new album Lost No Labor, to Whitelock Community Farm.  We are honored by their generosity and to be quite honest, are really impressed with the quality of their music.  The album is  ambient and melodic – think driving down a small country road at dawn during a snow storm, with a good cup of coffee in your hand.  We will be sure to let you know when this album becomes available.  But for now we just want to tease you with this press release!

After the release of 2010’s Wildspace (Friends Records), a darkened, dreamy collection of songs inspired by the thriving wilderness located in urban settings, Neil Sanzgiri took a year away from music to finish up his fine arts degree in Interdisciplinary Sculpture. What started as a bedroom recording project grew into a baroque ensemble consisting of horns, flutes, cello, violin, banjo, classical and electric guitar. For the majority of Soft Cat’s early existence it was rare to see them perform anything but acoustic, playing anywhere from farms and backyards to living rooms and art galleries. 

In February of 2013, Soft Cat returns with Lost No Labor, an album that marks a step forward in Soft Cat’s sound pushing the delicateness of arrangements and the richness of tones to a much more mature level. With the live formation constantly rotating from members traveling in-between cities, Soft Cat at its core has become Neil Sanzgiri, Kate Barutha and Brendan Sullivan and features members of other Baltimore bands such as Secret Mountains, Small Sur, Strange Fur, Wing Dam, and Weekends. Drawing upon that flux in geography, Soft Cat’s Lost No Labor attests to the band’s scale and warmth and marks and shows a steady progression towards a follow up to Wildspace that has taken nearly two years.

Lost No Labor is with Human Kindness Overflowing, a non-profit record label that supports humanitarian efforts through online donations from record sales. All proceeds from Lost No Labor will go toward Whitelock Community Farms in Baltimore, MD, which supports the Baltimore community through sustainable fresh food sources formed on an abandoned lot in the neighborhood of Reservoir Hill. 



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