Composting Workshop

While in the past you may have seen these.

But they are no longer. We thank our Shine friends for the awesome paint job but the pallets have found new homes. We are slowly changing our compost program to make it more user friendly for our Neighbors and for our Farmers.

Currently we still take compost but ask you to place it inside the black trash can that says

It looks like this
What this compost system does is that the extreme heat of the sun and inside the trash kills any seeds or pathogens that may cause issues in future crops. From there we remove the contents and dump them into a compost lasagna system. It alternates pure compost, green or fresh organic matter, and brown or dead organic matter. The layers help it break down quicker.

While this system works, we knew we could do better.

So we have hired Vinnie Bevivino of Seed and Cycle ( He will be helping us promote the best compost system Urban Farmers and Urban Gardeners can use. If you wish to join us for this workshop, it will cost $10.

Below is more information about the workshop and how to join.

Community Scaled Composting: Creating Soil For Your Urban Garden or Farm

Join Vinnie Bevivino of Seed and Cycle ( at Whitelock Community Farm on July 14th from 10am to noon for a two hour workshop on composting in the city. You’ll learn how to start and manage a compost system that can create fertile soil for your home, school, garden, or farm.

You’ll leave with:hands on experience and an understanding of the science of composting, an overview of the different composting methods and which ones work best for cities, how to best compost in the city to avoid rats, smells, or other nuisances, how to find and collect all the decomposable materials you’ll need for your compost, how to monitor your compost for optimal temperatures that will kill weed seeds, pathogens, and diseases, and the State regulations regarding composting and selling compost.

Vinnie is a Certified Compost Facility Operator in Maryland, has started, operated, and now consults for urban farms and compost systems of numerous sizes, and has taught composting and urban farming to adults and young people throughout the region. If you ever wanted to start composting, are having trouble with your compost pile, or want to increase your composting into a small business, this workshop is for you!

This workshop is $10 and is July 14th from 10am to noon. To register email: and write “compost” in the subject line.

Whitelock Community Farm is located at 930 Whitelock St. 21217 in Reservoir Hill, Baltimore, MD


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