Home Depot Day

As pure volunteers we are constantly given encouragement and “thank yous” from the neighborhood and surrounding communities on all the hard work that we have accomplished in our first year.

It is very rewarding and it helps motivate us to continue. And the biggest encouragement we can ever receive is when other volunteers help at the Farm.

Recently we had volunteers from nine different Home Depot stores and Navy Service men and women dedicate their morning and afternoon to help us accomplish four major goals.

I will just let the photos speak for themselves.

Our Sidewalk Raised bed is full of HUNDREDS of bulbs that will bloom in the early spring up to late summer.

This bed not only defines our border but will be full of our first Blueberry Crop next year

No more plastic Hoop House. It will be rebuilt with steel beams cemented into the ground so it can withstand Hurricanes, Earthquakes and massive Snow Storms

The old chain link fence is no more and has been replaced with a split-rail fence that is more attractive and also helps define our other borders. There will also be planter boxes in front of the fence in the near future. Look for them soon

Some Simple Clean Up

And the casual photos.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who helped us make this day happen.


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