Our Plumber and Our Friend

A man who is Number 1 in the Number 2 business.

His words that we strongly believe.

We needed water at the farm, badly. Before we had to borrow water from the neighboring community garden or bring it in through a rain barrel and hand water everything. While it worked it was never a long term solution to a major component in growing crops.

In comes Jensen Plumbing Service. A friend to the Farm from the start. Not only did Jensen Plumbing assist with planning our irrigation system he did all the work for free. We had to dig the trenches and purchase a majority of the supplies but after that, he installed everything for us. He was willing to help someone in need and we highly recommend him to anyone in the neighborhood or the city of Baltimore.

Truly a friend and a great man.


One response to “Our Plumber and Our Friend

  1. Wow that plumber must receive an award for doing his job with all his heart and soul without payment in return. Seldom we can find a plumber doing their job without payment. Most of them are interested about money because for them it is all about money.

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