Work Day Planned for Saturday May 21

May 19

Dear friends of Whitelock Community Farm,

We have good news for the Farm, we are able to hook up into city water more easily than previously thought.  So we would like to get that set up as soon as possible, but before then there’s some stuff we need to do so we are ready.  This Saturday starting at 9am we are having a big work day all day.  Here’s a list of things we would like to see accomplished
Digging a trench for the water hook up
Moving all the dirt from across the street to the farm with a backhoe, and covering it with tarps
Planting a few more tomatoes

Transplanting the okra
Putting stakes in the ground for the tomatoes and cucumbers
Putting a temporary cover over the trenches we previously made
Putting down landscape cloth and mulching all pathways
Removing the wood pile from the felled trees off the farm

Hope to see you out there

— The Farmers


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