Our Farm is Officially Open

We welcome you to our first Official Market Day!

This Saturday April 30 beginning at 9 a.m. we will be selling lots of different Salad Mixes, Collards and Carrots. But on top of the Market Day this is also a major workday for the Farm to prepare for the Summer Season. We have lots of Pepper and Tomato Plants that need help into the ground.

We will also be building beds and putting gutters on the hoop house to collect rainwater.  After all the work and produce sales, we will have a cookout with veggie tacos, hot dogs and greens.

If you want to come out and help with the work you can bring the following items.

— Lots of cardboard- to be used as a mulch under the beds and pathways
— Food or Drinks to share
— Different Flowering and Herb Perennials- we are trying to build our perennial bed, so if you need to thin any of your beloved plants bring them to the farm!
— And some clothes you do not mind getting dirty

Let’s enjoy the sun and our beautiful neighborhood together


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